6 Ways to customize the galaxy S8’s continually on Display

Galaxy S8
Samsung has slowly improved its Always On Display — here’s how to get started with it.

Even if your Galaxy S8 screen is off, it does not really matter. Always display immediately and pulls always gives you useful information available at a glance. You do not all screen always turn to always check the time or to check if you have notifications. It is a clean tool that works out of the box but it is even better if you install the settings and customize things a bit.

How can you always adjust the Display

To start customizing the Always display, go to Settings, and then screen Security Lock Always on display. Let’s see what is and what you can do. You have six different master clock styles to choose from: Digital Clock, Analog Clock, World Clock, Calendar, Picture and Clock. They’re all pretty self-explanatory and have small previews of what they look like generally.

Galaxy S8

Method 1: Tap the à Always on Display style you want to use, and you will launch into a customization display where you can tweak different aspects of the display.

  • The customization options differ based on which of the styles you’re working from, but basically come down to the clock style, color and background.
  • With a few of the styles you’ll also be able to tap on blank spots on the screen to add more information like a second clock or an image.

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Method 2: To change different aspects of the screen, tap the buttons at the bottom of the editor to see the different options — swipe to the left to see extra options, if available.

Method 3: Once you’re all tuned up just how you like it, tap Apply at the top of the screen.

Method 4: Now stay put in the Always on Display settings, because there are a few more changes you can make aside from the design.

  • By default, the phone is set to always show the Always On Display (I mean, it’s right in the name!) but you don’t have to keep it that way — you can set a schedule for when it is turned on.

Method 5: Tap the Show always toggle to turn it off, then tap Set schedule to choose when Always on Display is enabled.

For example you can only have it on during the working day, and off at night, to save battery.

Method 6: Scroll to the correct start time, then tap End and scroll to the correct end time and tap OK to set the schedule.

After a few going back and forth setting things you will find a combination of styles and settings that suit you. It is a great way to customize the appearance and functionality of your Galaxy S8.



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