Apps can help you: Improve your mental and physical health


There is an application for everything, or order take-out now, hail a taxi or checking your bank account.

Keeping your health and fitness needs is no exception.

You can splurge on an expensive coach or gadget as your REM cycles follow but you can save money and get similar results by downloading an application or two.

We have compiled a list of eight wellness applications everyone needs to download. If you are looking for weight classes before at the gym or finding inner peace, there is something for you.

Full Fitness: Exercise Trainer Workout

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer, download the full form.If you want to work on your arms, legs and abdominals, this application provides a step-by-step instructions to ensure that thoroughly you get the most out of your workout.

Complete fitness categorizes each exercise through the body of the area, targeted muscles and the necessary equipment but it also has plenty of parts and cardio options if you are not close to a rope ball or Stability.

Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer, $2.99


Convincing pushing you to resistance on your stationary bike or elliptical is a struggle, literally.

Aaptiv is a fitness application that will help your workout to the limit by synchronizing your activity recorded an audio lesson by a professional trainer.

Once downloaded, you can purchase the application’s memberships that best suit your lifestyle.

Aaptiv, free to download

Water Minder

If you have trouble drinking the recommended doctor 9-13 glasses of water a day, the water is less for you. This application will remind you to stay hydrated and keep track of your progress over time.

Less water can also monitor all the drinks you drink, so it is a convenient way to keep track of all the drinks you keep your team happy.

WaterMinder, $2.99


Unless you have achieved true inner peace, blocking the ambient noise is not easy.

Through guided meditations, Headspace takes you through the basics of meditation and teaches you how to find a little clarity, no matter what your physical location.

The application offers 10 free guided meditations, with the possibility of subscribing to a monthly or annual basis.

Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness, free to download

Couch at 5K

Racing is a great way to relieve stress, strengthen your bones and joints, and even reduce the risk of some cancers, but steps can be daunting on the treadmill or track for the first time.

Couch to 5K promises that after running 20-30 minutes three times a week, you will be ready to run your first 5 km in just nine weeks.

Couch to 5K, $2.99


Would you like to adopt a healthier lifestyle?Lifesum is a general wellness application that allow you to do everything, share healthy recipes to keep up with your progress in the gym, to help you remember to drink enough water. If you only have enough space to download a new application, this is the one I recommend.

Like Headspace, Lifesum is free to download, but you can buy three months, six months or an annual subscription.

Lifesum, free to download


Whether you want to increase your office productivity or drown out noise at bedtime, Noisli is worth it.

With this application, you can mix different sounds together – a water and crackling chimney, for example – a custom track that allows you to create calm and concentrated.

Noisli, $1.99

Sleep cycle

With the sleep cycle, waking up every morning will be a little easier.

The application requires you to leave your phone next to your bed and analyze your sleeping patterns to find the best time to wake you up gradually.

The sleep cycle is free, but if you want your time to optimize in bed, you may want to consider purchasing some of its upgrades in application.

Sleep Cycle, free to download



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