Canonical pulls out of the mobile enterprise, cites require of interest in convergence



Canonical pulls out of the mobile enterprise

Canonical, responsible for popular distribution Ubuntu Linux, recently announced that the market withdrawal from mobile devices and will no longer invest in its phone initiative and convergence Unity8. The decision will also allow the company to return to GNOME by default Ubuntu desktop when Ubuntu LTS 18:04 arrives.


Ubuntu and founder of Canonical Mark Shuttleworth said in a recent blog that he took the position that if convergence was the future and they could provide free software, which would be highly appreciated both in the free software community and The technology industry if there is a lot of frustration with the existing closed alternatives available to manufacturers.

Shuttleworth said he was wrong in both cases, noting that the community’s efforts considered fragmentation rather than innovation. The industry has not rallied to the possibility, either, which instead has what the South African entrepreneur calls a “better the devil you know” approach to these form factors.

Canonical has launched an ambitious crowd sourcing campaign to fund a high-end Linux-based smartphone called Ubuntu Midway 2013. The project had a solid performance but did not reach its high target of $ 32 million with only $ 12.8 million increases.

The group continued to handle a rebadged smartphones and tablets, but the launch of inefficient hardware and dubious marketing campaigns ensured Canonic would never do a serious traction.

Shuttle worth said the decision was very difficult because of the strength of his faith in the future of convergence, but the choice, he concludes, is ultimately formed by trade constraints.



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