Clash Royale latest tricks for Retro Royale Challenge

Clash Royale Top Retro Royale Cards

A new event was revealed by Supercell recently for the Royale  Clash game, which is “Retro Royale. “The new challenge will definitely bring nostalgia to the” veterans “of this game because it offers a complete look at the past.

This new challenge will limit playable cards, which means it is best to find the best you can choose to protect your six wins. You should know that Retro Royale challenge you somehow “teleported” in time (over a year ago) and the only tickets available will be those that are included in the game when it was released early.

TIP: Keep in mind that the statistics of the cards will remain as they are currently in the game.

Clash Royale Top Retro Royale Cards

  • Skeletons: It is very difficult to counter units of swarms and that is why skeletons must be one of the cards you should use in this challenge. At the same time, it will help you get the menace of Pigs and the Giants, which reduces both are very strong in this challenge;
  • Hog Gel: Pork Gel is a combo that you should consider because it is very strong in this challenge. The reason for using it is because of limited tickets that are able to defend against its;
  • Giant Balloon: The giant balloon is very strong in this challenge, especially if you couple it with a zap. By using this combo, you will be able to destroy your opponent fairly quickly;
  • Minion: The minion card will certainly be used in the Retro Royale challenge. In fact, you will see many players using the Minion + skeleton combo, as it is very cost effective.

Remember that the retro challenge Royal alone, until the weekend, so if you will not want to miss, play now!


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