Cross tanning Tips for Runners “Stuart Coaching”


GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. If you are training for the River Bank Run 25K, 10K or 5K, you might be wondering if you should do other types of exercises in addition to walking. Expert Run Kari Stuart for Stuart Coaching joins the morning news team at the weekend here to introduce the idea of cross training.

“Cross training is a physical activity other than running that will help you improve your race.It could activities such as swimming, cycling or walking, include strength training or yoga. Breaks the monotony by adding variety in your workout, but does not often use muscles to strengthen functioning, “says Kari.

“One of the more favorable cross-training activities, strength training,” says Kari. She showed abrupt movements, boards, and a hip strength exercise. “When you start training, take the time to understand What the muscles have to work, the purpose of each exercise you have to feel and that you do not remember well, it does not have to be complicated. Focus on compound movements and basic stability, “she suggests.

For more about the cross training tips, visit Kari’s blog.


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