Donald Trump Marks First 100 days in Office with attack on Media


Donald Trump

Trump hit the road to celebrate his first 100 days at the White House with supporters of cheering income at a rally-style campaign, where his first performance and watched the critics.

Trump’s first 100 days were also affected by the controversy by appointing his daughter Ivanka and his son Jared Kushner to key positions in the White House to face allegations of possible links between some of his campaigns and the Russian Federation. This was the first time that the state had voted for a Republican presidential candidate since George HW Bush in 1988. Financing his wall had promised along the border with Mexico should be stripped for example of a bill Federal funding to keep the government stopped.

“I could not be more excited than more than 100 miles from the Washington Marsh,” said Mr. Trump to cheers when he began his speech with the verbal spanking of the media, with the singing of “CNN Sucks! Audience.

During an evening trip to Pennsylvania, one of the states that propelled his improbable election victory, Trump intends to sign a decree that the Ministry of Commerce and the US Trade Representative sends to a study of trade agreements United States.

On the other hand, the president said that his administration was “very exciting and very productive” and that he “does it every day.”

Trump said he killed China’s promises as a currency manipulator because he wanted to try his help in nuclear development and missiles from North Korea to recover.

The place of signing of the executive order is a shovel factory in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

The objective is to determine whether America will be treated fairly by its trading partners and the WTO of 164 countries.

White House Correspondents Dinner is one night when the president stands out and pulls back on reporters who the other 364 days a year are looking for – for their famous friends, no less.

These marks the first time in 36 years did not attend a meeting and the president spoke during the evening correspondence of the White House.

But no matter where he was, the Saturday feature at Trump since the day also marked an important milestone in a president’s career. First, the main daily correspondent show Hasan Minhaj welcomes you, you know there are some jokes about anti-immigration Trump and anti-Muslim laws break.

Several news agencies withdrew from the corresponding White Book dinner to protest the treatment of the media bonus before Trump decided that he would not participate.

“We started on the first day,” Trump said. It seems broke on Reagan in 1981, and tax experts are skeptical that the plan should pay for itself, as was claimed Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin.

Trump laughed at the world of newspapers and real estate, which he proposed to undermine the newspaper’s credibility.

Ross said the review will be conducted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Office of the US Trade Representative. The president himself seems very aware that the day is historically symbolic moment for the media, experts, the country and perhaps a large part of the world to judge his young presidency.

And Congress and the FBI are investigating Russia’s apparent involvement in the US elections last year, and the existence of an association with the Trump campaign.


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