‘F*** my life’: Teacher defends sultry Facebook selfie that got her suspended saying ‘even Grandad wouldn’t care’

Lydia Ferguson was suspended after posting the picture on Facebook (Photo: INS News)

A young teacher is the “challenging” Facebook selfie that got her suspended by saying even her grandad would not be insulted.

Mother of three children Lydia Ferguson was escorted out of school she works when the director discovered that she was wearing a social media image of her sitting on the edge of a dress with a short white dress placed.

Students from Ousedale schools in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes, Bucks., Had they listened to the teacher, in his 30 years, was accused of “sulphurous” and “provocative.”

Now, Miss Ferguson has taken on social media gathering support and defending themselves.

The Daily Mail reports that under the incriminated image, in response to a compliment from a friend, she wrote: “I thank you, I would not class this as inappropriate, would you be”

She goes on to say: “I do not think it’s tempting or displaced I’ve always stuck to the FB and Insta line that if my grandfather was looking at blessing his heart to one of my photos in disgust I would post them. ”

In response to another comment, she said: “FML [f*** my life] right now! Xxxx”

The selfie which sparked the row

The students recorded the eight-minute battle between Miss Ferguson and their school principal on a mobile phone.

“Miss Ferguson said she did not think there was anything wrong with the picture. Anything that was shown a small leg, “said one student.

The students watched the workers packed their teacher walking outside the school premises when she was suspended pending an investigation.

Students have their support for Miss Ferguson, belonging to the pastoral team is shown, and launched a petition called “Miss Ferguson Get Back”, as they accused the school of too disgusted.

It was said, “There is nothing wrong with the picture completely, we think Miss is beautiful. ”

Another added: “She is a brilliant teacher, she is there for students like bullying problems and things have helped They do it so much to help us and we are so angry that they have been suspended .. . ”

The petition had to start over 250 signatures in just 24 hours of the students – with a number of signatures from parents.

The image itself generated more than 300 comments on Facebook, but one student said, “Nobody thinks something inappropriate about it”

Sue Ousedale Inspector Carbert said, “If we are concerned about an employee, it would not be discussed with the students, we are drawn to the current rumors, but claims that have no basis. “.


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