Facebook App has now Camera, Direct, & Stories, 3 Features: That Copy Snapchat


Facebook will deploy three features on iOS and Android today globally very similar to Snapchat. They are called Camera, direct, and stories.

Facebook Direct – disappear photos and videos with options to add text and filters – imitates the individual snaps the people send to each other. Facebook stories Snapchat stories even in the name – they are ephemeral photos and videos that appear as a circle at the top of your RSS news 24 hours. Comments on a story and photos and videos on Direct will disappear when the content they do not respond. To take pictures and direct videos or stories, you should start Facebook camera.

The company said it tests these functions since August and they began to develop them in response to people sharing photos and videos on Facebook. In its 4th quarter 2016 conference call, Facebook had 1.15 billion users only access the social network on its mobile app each month, but it did not specify what percentage of the total number of users taken into account.

Facebook Algorithm Stories will rank your friends according to the determination of “how good you are with them,” Facebook product leader Connor Hayes told BuzzFeed News.

Facebook offered to buy Snapchat for $ 3 billion in 2013, but founder Evan Spiegel snap gets Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg down. Has pressured its IPO in late February 2017, worth $ 34 billion.

In a briefing, Hayes does not touch Snapchat deny the new features of Facebook. Snapchat “was really one of the pioneer stories and did a great job of exposing the fact that [stories] are a great way to communicate visually,” he said. “We see stories as a format that will create coherent social media for everyone and the sharing of visual content. The company had previously denied Snapchat affected its decision to create similar functions.

Features like Snapchat are now available in all flagship Facebook applications: WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and now Facebook Camera, live, and stories. Each application has a different use case, says Facebook, and you will not be able to cross-post content between them. They are also available as an application, not on your desktop.

“Although the format of story in Messenger lends itself more to” Who is for coffee? “And another thread, the narrative format in Facebook is more in line with the way one photos and videos out there – although people tell stories of content will be lighter,” Hayes said.

The social network has set up a number of different filters in camera, direct, and stories, including overlays for a local or flexible holiday. He has also partnered with a number of film studios and artists to create filters in the form of popular characters and works of art such as the Minions.

These filters are not sponsored, as some of Snapchat and brands will provide access to Facebook stories for now. The stories will also not display ads when launched, although they may later.


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