Facebook Messenger vs. Messenger Lite – RAM Usage and Storage Comparison


The fact that a new and light Facebook Messenger application has been released has made many Facebook users consider moving to it, taking into account the amount of resources it uses. Still, it would be best to keep your first application or move on to the lighter one?

Storage and Space:

The official application for Messenger occupies 177 MB, out of 153 MB which represent the application itself, now which you 25 MB to add additional information. Meanwhile, the Lite application only takes 17MB, 15MB application itself and 1.5MB of additional data. The cache will also take up less space: from 15MB in the normal version for only 1MB Lite. This happens because the pictures you receive or send do not preload.

RAM usage

One of the best features of Messenger Lite is the fact that it’ normally runs in the background, plus it shows real-time notification without chat bubbles. As such, if you are normal open messenger client consumes 204 MB. When running in the background, it’s uses 150.74 MB and just 58.04 MB when you close it. At the same time, the Lite version uses 93 MB when you open it to perform, 59.64 MB when running in the background and only 8.76 MB when it’s closed, so that is quite a difference!


One of the main differences between the two applications is that the Lite version does not support video and VoIP calls. It does not tab groups either, although you groups with individual cats will be seen together. Regarding the messages you send only text, stickers and photos like. However, you will still be able to see the stickers, and other people’s content for you.


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