Facebook ‘sexual assault Live: 14 year boy, arrested in Chicago

A 14 year old boy was arrested in Chicago in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 15 year old girl and was broadcast live on Facebook.
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The boy faces accusations of serious criminal abuse and the production and distribution of child pornography. He was not appointed because of his age.

The girl was reportedly attacked by five or six men last month.

About 40 people would have been watching the flow at some point, but no one reported the incident to the police.

A teenager was a relative of the girl alerted the attack.

Crime Hideous

The girl had been dropped off near her home after attending church with her family on March 19th. She disappeared and was found on March 21 was filmed after the alleged attack.

She was reunited with her mother, but had to be moved the family as threats of suffering and taunting. Police are awaiting further arrests.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “Crimes like these are horrible and we do not allow such content.

“We take our responsibility to protect people on Facebook to take very seriously and be videos that portray sexual and shared violence to eliminate the apology for violence. “


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