Five Method to boost your iPhone Charging Speed


iPhone charging

Chances are you have someone complained about the actual short life of the “iPhone” or the terrible charge rate at one time or another.

It is a world first problem, but that does not make it any less annoying if you have things to do and places to be.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to fill the green bar as quickly as possible, so you can go through your break at your convenience.

Okay, so this first step means you spend some money, but it can make a significant difference.

This means that the fire loaders instead of the fakes you have caught in the market.

Using an iPad charger would also increase the speed, but the long-term battery performance can be harmful.

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Also provides a USB charger (2.5 watts) less power than an iPhone adapter that is plugged into a wall (5 watts).

Method 1: Fork for a good loader

USB cabel

Method 2: Put it in a cool place

iPhone battery

According to Mashable falls performance of an iPhone battery as it warms up.

The steps you can take to keep it fresh, including keeping it out of the sun or removing a case when charging.

The official notice is to keep it at room temperature.

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Method 3: Using the low power mode or air mode

iPhone flight mode

Using the low power mode, which reduces the amount of energy in your phone and the connection functions of background that consume a lot of energy.

Similarly, if the = low power mode, flight mode will improve the use of batteries to avoid functionality such as Wi-Fi function.

Method 4: Turn Off push notifications

iphone settings

Disable push notifications by going to settings and selecting messages.

This saves energy and speeds up the speed of your phone.

Method 5: Turn Off


Obviously, if you can handle the best way to recharge an iPhone.

Indeed, the phone has no output stream.

According to the Mac world takes about two hours to fully charge this way.

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