Four Tips to help students manage stress


Elementary and secondary School students:

Elementary and secondary school students in Texas will take the STAAR test on Tuesday, and it can come with a lot of stress and anxiety. These are two emotions that you do not want children to feel an important test day.

Younger Students:

Young students are under great pressure to perform well on standardized tests. The goal is to make them feel confident that they can get a passing grade. In some quality levels, is that the pass mark required for promotion. That’s why teachers work in many Texas schools to prepare for the whole year.


Franklin Middle Professor of History of the Michael DeLucia School as pop quiz questions in the corridor to his students. He also tutor children who need help during his lunch break. His advice is to focus on the material, not the test. “You know what your teachers have taught you,” he said. “Just use what you know, not great stress, and you will do well. ”

But there are some things that parents can do to keep children excited – not worried – as they head for the door.

Morning breakfast:

When children get up in the morning, make sure they have a good breakfast. In addition, to help them collect supplies for the day as a coat and lunch. Some school districts do not allow visitors on campus in even parenting tests. Students must also come a little earlier than usual to avoid stress.

Parents responsibilities:

Parents must also manage their own anxiety on the test day, so it is not down to students. “You cannot let them know that you are concerned about them,” said training coach Leia Altieri. “Focus on the test and not on what happens if I do not pass this test because the sun is still coming tomorrow.”

It might even be good for parents to slip encouraging notes in a lunch bag or in their child’s pocket. Let them know that you have confidence in their ability to this stress test.


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