Google Gchat New Rplacement Google Hangouts

Google “Gchat” New Replacement “Google Hangouts” –Better or Worse

So far, one of the best things that came out was the Gmail GChat, namely the instant messaging feature, which allows other Google users chat and still you look really productive in the office. It was really useful to communicate with other team members, kept the inbox clean, plus it allows you to chat with friends at work in private. However, Google announced yesterday that they made the decision to end to begin 26th  June.

Are they replacing in with anything?

The answer is yes. The team probably thought that it was indeed a loss for all the people who used to be would a cat function at hand, and that is the reason why they do indeed offer a replacement. If you already use Google Hangouts instead of Skype, you might want to know now that it provides an instant messaging feature, and you might even find it appealing. It came out in 2013, but it has never been as successful as Gchat, which was launched in 2005.


In addition, Hangouts is better integrated with many phones and tablets, so it can be even more convenient. In addition to this option, there are also many other instant messaging apps you can enjoy from Google, such as Allo, Voice and many others.

Why should you like this change?

Even if you have made that decision by Google would hate it, you should know that the best. Google would not have stayed in the preferences of people who up to now if they are not constantly improving and evolving their products. After all, they must evolve in this area in order to stay on top, and to stop the old products is part of development. In addition, you have other applications to comfort you, so it is not as much of a loss.


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