Google is working on new editing photos social app


Google is working on a latest & new social application that lets users edit Images in little groups, says TechCrunch.

Apple announced a similar application earlier this week called Clips, which lets users quickly edit videos and add visual elements to them, like as Snap-chat.

Google’s new application boasts a number of of the same features, but with a twist.

Not like Apple’s Clips, which is set to be released in April, 2017 Google’s application has a social element. Users can reportedly collaborate and create groups to share and edit Images.

If released, the application would be powered in-part by Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities. For example, it would be able to recognize objects in a photograph and arrange them according to type.

The new application would join Google’s pair of existing social applications, Allo and Duo, which were announced last-year.

It is not clear when Google’s plans to release the application. Unofficial sources told TechCruch that one plan is to release it at the company’s annual I/O conference in May, 2017.

We have reached out to Google for comment and will update this post if we hear back.


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