Google launched “Some Applications for Your Pet on April Fool’s Day”


Google has a new line of games and an update of the iOS app is scheduled for pets? The real fur?

No. Both gags are functioning April Fools made by the search engine company.

“Google Play for pets” is supposed to be a new category of applications and games designed for pets in the Play Store.

The other joke is a temporary update of the iOS application of the company search engine called “I feel so I feel Woof Meow. “Propose” images that would find a seductive dog or cat (zoals’rauwe toys tonijn’en. “) To be displayed,” the company said in a statement. “Think of it like that” I feel lucky, but for our four-legged friends. If you want to take this animal project that is ours for a walk, go to “Settings” in the IGSA and change to “I” Woof Me Me Me Me ”

False applications are the latest Fools April Day gags research activity, which also unveiled today a feature in Google Maps on Friday that allows users to play Pac-Man in a region, as well as an advertisement For a fake product designed with the name “Google Gnome” to help users perform outdoor tasks.


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