Google Maps Tips: offline navigation and route setting

Google Maps Tips Offline Navigation and Adapting the Route

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the best online map services you can find. The fact that the company has added a real-time site sharing function makes it even more valuable and useful. However, there are many other features that do not know a lot of people.

Adapting Route

Google is the owner of Waze, which is a peer-driven traffic application that helps people report road conditions. Using the data that comes from here, Google’s navigation constantly adjusts and adapts to the conditions of the road.

Save offline maps

If you are traveling abroad and do not want to waste money on your cellular data connection, you can easily save the cards from where you are going, you can access them offline. If you have already downloaded map data, you can easily access it without an Internet connection.

Bicycle and ski trails

If you have a particular station, you can zoom in and course details. A smart advice is to do this after downloading the offline map of the area, since the connection may be low in the mountains.

On site orientation

If you are lost and do not know what cardinal point you are looking at, you can just find the compass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. As such, it will adjust the map immediately to show the direction of the real world.

Save the addresses you often need

Define personal and business addresses, so that you do not have to enter each time. Go to the application menu, tap “your place” and then enter the addresses you need most. Beat together under different names, and you just type the name if you need directions to that particular address.


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