Google Opens Patent Pool Android

Google Opens Patent Pool Android

Samsung, LG and Foxconn is one of the founding members of a patent pool for Android phone manufacturers under the benevolent eye of Google. Google hopes that the “community-based clearing house” for IP sharing will rule out patent trolls.

Link on Transfer (LOT)

Google has been working for a non-aggression pact Alliance Android phone manufacturers called Link on  transfer (LOT), launched in 2014, patent holders agree not to use them too aggressively against other members after the sale of a non- a patent. LOT The network is led by the former head of IP ARM, Ken Seddon. This move aimed at NPE (non-practicing entities, aka trolls) to discourage the acquisition of standard patents already in the patent community to collect royalties and stems from a Google Motorola buying fever in 2011 for its broad IP portfolio.

Microsoft and the main Chinese suppliers are remarkable for their lack of PAX.

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Stories about the protection against theft Google IP are always rich in irony. While all phone manufacturers are wary of patent trolls, they are more reluctant to incorporate innovations that upset Google. Testimony in the Skyhook vs. Google case revealed that Google has stopped production of Motorola – affecting more than 40 models – to Moto removed its preferred location service uses Android and Google instead.

Ironically, five years earlier, Google Skyhook’s location finder had cleared out how it worked, and copied, Skyhook alleged. A few days before the IPO in 2004, Google Overture paid over $ 300, and gave Yahoo! Google’s share of value, to resolve intellectual property issues. Overture had the “programmatic” advertising model that Google’s fortune was pioneering built.


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