Google Pixel 3 is coming next year, and phone makers are already fighting over it

Google Pixel 3 is coming next year, and phone makers are already fighting over it

HTC has scored a 2 year production agreement for Google’s Pixel phones, which means that Pixel 2 handsets this year also HTC creations. However, a new report shows that several phone manufacturers, including HTC, are fighting for Google Pixel orders 3 series phones will be launched in 2018.

The news comes from Asia, where Chinese-language Commercial Times reported that HTC, LG, TCL, and Coolpad compete for the next generation of Pixel orders, according to Digitimes.

LG seems to reach the likely winner Pixel 3 orders, according to the report, the mission will be five million units expected next year.

The same report notes that the Pixel 2 family of products, due in 2017, will be made by HTC. Google a few weeks ago confirmed that a second-generation pixel is being prepared, and is scheduled to begin in the fall. Phones remain high-end devices like Google’s determination to compete with Apple, Samsung, and others in this specific market segment.

HTC already delivered more than 2.1 million pixels and pixels peripheral XL since September last year, reports the report. Google had a difficult time meeting demand for the pixel, a device highly appreciated by fans, and things are not better.

HTC will make two versions of Pixel 2, Chinese paper confirming the code names muskie and walleye that a few weeks ago directly from the fui forums of Google. Interestingly, said a report a few days ago that Google could work on a third phone for a 2017 launch, but it might not be a brand-pixel device. <em> Digitimes </em> does not mention a third Google phone this year.


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