GTA 5 Liberty City Mod Available for Testing with New Fixes

GTA 5 Liberty City Mod Available for Testing with New Fixes

The Grand Theft Auto Group is currently working on a new massive project called GTA 5 Liberty City. This mod will combine San Andreas and Liberty City has been working for about three years, and finally the beta test to be released this spring.

What should be contained?

The mod will not come at the same time as the game’s file itself, so if you want to download the mod after release, you must first buy GTA 4 or any of the episodes if you do not have it already. The trick with this mod is that just put the original version of the game card, nothing more. We have seen in the past, other works of the auto group large Flight Flight, such as the transfer of the third Vice City GTA San Andreas and GTA 4. However, this project is really huge.

Get more projects

However, this is not the only work of the project team. They also develop to be transferred to the Red Dead Redemption GTA 5. OpenIV was the basis for work on this project, which the beta phase should see this summer. This is quite surprising and shows how fast the team and how they have dedicated their projects. Indeed, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released in the course of 2017.

More information on GTA 4

Grand Theft Auto was launched four years ago, and since then, have worked hard on the launch of new projects and new content. It is really nice to see so many people trying to mobilize the community and their imagination wisely. The GTA 5 is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and of course, PC.


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