GTA 6 might be available for Xbox and PS5 Two

GTA VI might be available for Xbox and PS5 Two

The online GTA 5 is always played by many players out there and that’s why Rockstar Games does not rush to release a sequel to this game. In fact, the developer continues to make a lot of money with the GTA 5 , As there are still new players who buy the game and enjoy the online platform with their friends.

However, there are fans of the GTA series who are awaiting official news regarding the sixth GTA title rumored. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed this title, but that does not stop it from rumors appearing on the Internet.

Let’s mention that over 75 million copies of GTA 5 have been sold, which means that the studio will not rush to the  GTA 6 loose too soon. Aside from the great popularity that GTA 5 still, rumors say that the company is expecting more and more PlayStation and Xbox 5 Two released.

Earlier reports have suggested that the Greater Toronto Area 6 will be out sometime in 2020. If this proves to be true, the Xbox and PlayStation 5 will be two already on the market. But do not forget that Microsoft and Sony have confirmed these two consoles are still in development.

As for the history of the upcoming GTA 6, fans think that the studio will resume to the past history somewhere in 1970. Other rumors say that GTA 6 will actually be placed in a new city, such as Tokyo or London.

A female character is also expected to appear in the next six GTA titles, to make sure that all women who love to play games will love it. So far, neither confirmed rockstar nor nor infirmed any of these rumors, but we think the studio will somehow be forced to make official news on GTA 6 predictable future.


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