Happy Earth day, here are some visually neat things that live on Earth


Naked Man Orchid, I wonder where it got this name

Naked Man Orchid

Tarantula Hawk Wasp, about 5cm these guys make tarantulas their nest… marvelous

Tarantula Hawk Wasp

Scorpion Fly. Hmm I know this from somewhere, fun fact these cannot actually sting you, however they may feast on your fresh corpse

Scorpion fly

Romanesco Broccoli, careful the stems are toxic but look how neat this looks

Romanesco Broccoli

Rainbow Eucalyptus. a painted tree cool You think, but see that is what is so interesting about this tree it actually naturally forms these colours

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Quetzal, this sexually dimorphic bird is one of the cutest animals


Purple Mangosteen said to be sweet and tangy

Purple Mangosteen

Mycena Chlorophos these basically glow in the dark due to their bioluminescence, how neat Have a happy Earth day everyone

Mycena Chlorophos

Lilac Breasted Roller, eating a scorpion

Lilac Breasted

Lancetfish, these two meter long fish have been known to eat each other


Lactarius Indigo, methyl stearate is responsible for the blue

lactarius indigo

Calotes Mystaceus usually about 30cm long

Calotes mystaceus

Amaranth, this vegetable is a great source of protein and calcium among other nutrients





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