How to Boost website Traffic in 2017 (SEO)



The best methods for search engine optimization, important to keep a business easily accessible to perform the actual research, constantly evolving. This allows companies try to discover and almost as fast as the search engines change to adapt to the new rules.

As the New Year will beat, companies will have the opportunity to see what trends or changes they can expect from the search engines. The Forbes Agency Board Members Advanced algorithms and constantly evolving SEO approaches have advice on how SEO can improve performance.

The switch to HTTP / 2

http 2

One of the biggest points of Google’s Page Speed ​​focus. An understanding of the impact of Network Page Speed ​​is a must to be effective in search engine optimization. We have been using HTTP / 1.1 since 1999. HTTP / 2 is a big gap in HTTP / 1.1, and I encourage you to read about it. This will make an enormous contribution to Page Speed. – Sean Allen, Twelve Three media

Target less distractions Keywords


Keyword research and targeting will continue to change dramatically in 2017 and beyond. Rank of the brain began an impact on the ranking. It includes all abbreviations, acronyms, plural, synonyms and even answers. The implications for SEO is that it should focus less on distraction keywords. Marketers who understand who will have a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive environment. – Aaron Henry, FOUNDRY512

Keep to the Basics


Google wants to be relevant and its goal is to provide the most relevant site to offer waived search. Forget the algorithms and follow the behavior of consumers. If we look at the trends, we find that consumers are more attracted to short videos and images, so divert large text. Give consumers what they want, and that search engines do their job. – Ahmad Kareh, Marketing Twistlab

Use Google as Bellwether


Google is the default for SEO and it will not change quickly. Make sure you are on top of all the updates, they come with love. The biggest thing to look at? Content first. Search moved now mainly, targeted mobile content displayed crawling on your previous mobile phone in the search engine rankings and save. – Jon Simpson, Criterion B

Focus on UX


With Rank Brain and Machine Learning, search engines have gotten much smarter to determine what a good result is. Ancient keyword ranking factors still exist but SEO and UX should merge as startup engines of reward sites that offer a customer experience and fast loading times. In the near future sites, more optimized based on keywords will start to lose a large UX. – Dan d’or, available online

Clarify your intent


SEO is no longer the choice of some keywords, but to clarify the intention. Manufacturers must make sure that their online content is based on intent and what users want to find when they look for your brand. Cross-channel marketing will be important in 2017 and will affect the viability of a company’s SEO pages. – Joey Kercher, Marketing Fresh Air

Rent ethical SEO


The “good old days” of Google games by buying links and keywords over-optimization is gone and in its place is a super intelligent automatic learning algorithm called brain Rank. Like most forms of artificial intelligence, Rank brain becomes smarter when it identifies patterns and punish unscrupulous players who try to play Google. It is time to hire only ethical SEO with their proofs. – Kristopher Jones,

Improve speed and limit errors on your site


In 2017 the rate will place an even more important role to play in SEO, but in a different way than in the past. The development of AMP sites, switching to https: // and other technical changes can cause server-side problems such as too abundant, reorient or 404s orphan pages, slow to kill the speed of the entire site, and ease of use. Make sure that the site runs 100% after making such a change is a top priority. – Loren Baker Digital Foundation

Shift for mobile First indexing


In November 2016 Google began using mobile indexing first mobile content for all search rankings. SEO strategies are turning to mobile devices and a change in the priorities of referrers to measure the impact of algorithm updates on the first mobile indexing. The purpose of UX mobile search and mobile will become increasingly important. – Daniel B. Laws, Jr., DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC

Have high quality backlinks

Back links

One of the most important off-site backlink factors – links pointing to your site from other sites. In the past, it was all about quantity. However, Google quickly took on this strategy and changed their algorithm so that it could distinguish a reliable link from a dubious link. Manufacturers must ensure that their backlinks come from high quality sources. – Laura Cole, The Berry Company LLC

Move content from production to content library

Content Production

Frequency content, recency and relevance have already been rewarded by a good ranking. This is no longer the case. Search engine users and search engines are trying to find great content – a highly sought-after, multi-media, organized piece of content that offers great value. Businesses must stop producing and compete to attract the best library and retain the best readers. – Douglas Karr, DK new media

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