How to Delete a Page in Word


When you print your document, you see a empty-page or two impressions at the end of the document. If this is the case in your document, it is good that you have many empty sections at the end of your document. Although you cannot see them on the screen (normal), they are there and take up more space.

To delete the blank paragraphs, press Ctrl+End to move to the end of your document. Then press the Backspace key until you have deleted all non-print characters (including blank paragraphs). You can tell when you are done with the position of the insertion point. If it is located next to the last character you want to print your document, you are ready to remove.

To see the empty sections that are at the end of your document – before you remove them – can you give the Word implementation to display non-print characters. Simply click the Show / Hide tool on the Home ribbon tab; it looks like a P back. If the tool is selected, you can see all the spaces, paragraphs, tabs and other characters in your document – any characters that normally appear on your screen. This can be very useful to know why something does not seem right in your document.

Also, you should know that if the final document is in your table, you cannot delete the last paragraph immediately following the table. (Word requires a paragraph mark at the end of a document.) The best thing you can do in this situation is to mark the endpoint and place on a very small stitch size.

Check in Picture:

First Method:

how to delete a page in word

Second Method:

how to delete a page in word

Third Method:

how to delete a page in word


Click on Del tab


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