how to get deleted or lost post recovered?

how to get deleted or lost post recoverd?

Why would you want to return the messages?

When you publish a post, most time, that is quickly indexed in Google (at least for websites established with a good crawl speed). And the post or article published recently begins to do the ranking in Google. And once the article /post will disappear from your blog, it gives a nice 404 error page that annoys Google. And it is not good for a better user experience and long-term SEO.

There is a static and permanent URL for each of your articleor/ post. Search engines send traffic to that specific URL, and it must always be operational. In this case you  loss a post, which will generate the URL of a standard 404 error page. To avoid this, you must need to the post and link it to the same URL.

How do I restore post?

Now the most tricky part is how a deleted or lost post recover. You can simply do this by first identifying the post / message link / URL. And you can make your social profiles / pages where you shared when it was published these URLs / links. Just the link from there, and the rest of the work is simple.

After the URL is known, and it is already in your hand, use the following tools to retrieve your articles and republish your site  or blog with the same URL as before, so that the search engines continue to send Visitors to this article.

Practical Steps 

  • Go to à
  • Copy & Paste the URL there
  • You will find pages which has stored.
  • if you did not find the missing page there then
  • Use à
  • Just paste the URL in à
  • and you’ll find the post or article
  • Copy that and paste into your site
  • All task done… is a global directory for storing websites and pages. You should 1st  check your lost page or post there, if you do not find it there then use that will most likely be your deleted after / article ready to be restored because the data records directly from Google Cache . Google Cache is another place where web pages are indexed separately. And I wish you will recover your lost pages or post very quickly after using the simple tools above.

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