How to get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2017


The foremost wish of anybody, a newcomer SEO or an SEO expert, dedicated to promoting websites, is how to get to the top of Google. Often getting a high ranking often a real headache, especially after another GOOGLE UPDATE. Be sure to carefully read the entire manual and all tips on securing the top positions in Google. Success will be no coincidence if you follow all the recommendations given.

Among our clients are those who have the Successfully achieved in top 10 on Google with our recommendations, but there are still people who do not follow our advice and fail to get the top Google rankings. So, research and analysis every month all factors affecting the success and failure of our customers. We will update this manual every time there are some new details (this is the latest update of April 10, 2017). We address the main reasons why people fail on their way to the top 10 on Google and explain what you need to do – and how to do it – to continue to achieve # 1 success on Google in 2017 and for many years!

Note: It is essential to follow each of these 13 steps. When one of them leaves, it can lead to a non-top 10 on Google. Our FREE SEO Tool Expert selects and purchases the best DA40-DA100 backlinks automatically for you from our stock taking into account some important points. Do not miss the chance to get backlinks manually selected by our free SEO specialist. You can also, in addition to buying links, earning $ 50 for each friend sponsored. Now let’s get advice!

  1. Create a semantic kernel – a list of targeted keywords.

Start with keyword research. But do not focus on a few keywords – you need to establish a long list of them and perform a keyword search. To learn more about running a keyword search, see this article. We also recommend paying attention to this keyword research tool. It will simplify your search by keyword.

  1. Calculate the cost of keywords for your SEO campaign

if the structure of your website is a mess you can not rank much on Google. The search engine pays great attention to navigation and user experience, so make sure your structure is clear and balanced. It is also important to link the pages of your site well. A clear site structure will increase the visibility of your site on the search engines and lead to a better ranking on Google. For more information on creating a good site structure – read this article.

  1. Calculate the cost of Top 10 for your keyword

    seo keywords

How to blur your competitors? First, you need to understand the tactics of your competitors and you select your methods for effective SEO campaign. Our free SEO Tool Cost Calculator allows you to discover the amount of quantity links you need for your SEO and how much it will cost to harm your competitors. You can reveal the most appropriate and appropriate keywords you need for the top of Google 10 soon.

Google Analytics will index every page of your site. These landing pages the best traffic generators with appropriate keywords. As a result, they bring significant traffic and a high number in the ranking of your website.

This step is essential because you can choose the right niche and the right keywords that you can afford and succeed. You want a target keyword phrase “link building”, but after doing some research, you know it is very competitive. So, you want to switch to a less competitive keyword, say “link building service in the United States. This explore can save you thousands of $$$ because the price difference for different keywords can be as high as $10 thousands for a keyword and only $ 100 for another long tail keyword. So learn precise information about the costs and the amount of backlinks you need to offset your competitors with our calculator without SEO costs. It helps to increase Google rankings with reasonable costs. More information on keywords in the article. 7 Rules for selecting the best keywords.

  1. Preparing a detailed link building plan with a precise plan is half the battle.

If you do anything without a precise plan, it can produce unexpected results. The more quality backlinks your site has, the better ranking in Google it gets. With extensive experience to help business owners to get to Top 10 on Google. We have developed a free and powerful tool that allows you to create a link building plan. Also, identify the keywords and budget you need to play your competitors. Our tool for analyzing backlinks works on the latest Google ranking rules. In addition, you know the type and amount of backlinks you have to buy for your flexible SEO campaign. If you want a full scan, we recommend using our SEO services.


The first thing in your link building campaign is backlinks. But the trick is that you backlinks Profile should look natural Google. Try to disagree Successful nightlife! Be consistent and resistant. Free cost SEO Calculator makes your world SEO tasks easier by recommending the appropriate link building for your website speed. The key is to buy your backlinks gradually. If you buy too many backlinks at the same time, Google may ignore them. To make sure your link building activities seem natural, use our automated scheduler or Link Building SEO Expert.

Provide a solid foundation for your website, start your campaign linking with backlinks with low grade SB (SB-1 SB Rank Rank 4). And you can acquire backlinks within 1-2 months with SB top grades. To avoid the pitfalls in your link building campaign, using  free SEO Calculator.

  1. Get backlinks with multiple unique anchor text and other keywords.

Knowing Natural Formula Anchor Text distribution is beneficial if you are an SEO expert or will be. If you do not need thorough knowledge but only a high ranking in Google SERP, look at these 5 simple rules based natural anchor Text Distribution Formula:

  1. Always get left for different anchor texts. For example, if your keyword is “how to get a better ranking” and are committed to the US market, then your anchor
  • How to get higher rankings in the USA
  • Higher rankings are in the US,
  • Improved ranking in the US ranking in Australia, Canada
  • Gets a better ranking backlinks effective for better ranking, etc.
  1. About 25% of your anchor points have the URL of your website contains or even exists. Only from your URL. high quality link building

Get quality links through

  1. About a quarter of your points of interest Anchor must be composed of a brand name or domain name of your website.
  • provides high quality link building
  • specialize in link building
  • Link building service at
  • Quality link building –
  1. To make your website promotion course, always use multiple keywords, In any link building campaign.
  • Getting backlinks
  • Buying backlinks
  • Quality backlinks for SEO
  • Improved ranking via backlinks
  1. Approximately 10% of your anchors should be generic for better ranking in Google.

Generic anchor texts contain common call-to-action phrases.  See below a short list of generic words:

See here

click here now

learn here,

try it

These tips will improve your ranking on Google without falling under risk. If you have questions, you can find out more about how best anchor texts can choose.

Latest 6. Using the synergistic effect of the Google Penguin algorithm

Since Penguin is an integral part of Google’s algorithm, SEO strategies have changed. At present, it is important to focus on a wide range of measures that all together give impressive results. This is a synergistic effect in practice. Let’s explain how it works.

Our recent SEO research showed that the website got to the Google’s top 10 came to more than 30,000 keywords (according to SEMRush) and has received more than 2.5 million visitors per month with only 2,300 national domains. When 30,000 keywords distributes over 2,300 domains, you’ll find that only a top 10 backlink positions for 13 keywords gives time to


Another customer also achieved good results. It appears in the Top 20 of Google SERPs for more than 300 keywords (according to SEMRush) with more than 2000 visitors per month and only 200 referring domains. 300 200 by division keywords shows links to a backlink gives 20 times for 2 keywords


Looks like a miracle? It has a simple explanation – synergistic effect of the Google Penguin algorithm. Sites of both examples have used a wide range of measures to improve their ranking and natural backlinks profile. Please note that you can only benefit from this synergistic effect when combined actions:

  1. Circle your links with content:

It is a good idea to keep key keywords in your links, because in this In this way, they seem more natural for Google. Considering that any other method to increase rank Google can look slim. Please note that targeted keywords in your content plays an important role and bring additional link juice for your existing backlinks.

When you buy links on cp.LinksManagement, you can buy additional content and post after the link. In total, your link will be surrounded by 500 characters with unique and appropriate content. Natural result, links acquired by the Links Branch look at Google and other search engines, which improves the ranking of your website.

  1. Repeat the links of the pages with different ranks SB:

As you know, the PageRank is no longer available. Thus, Scanning Backlinks has expanded metric to better understand the value of each band. This measure is called SB Rank, and not only considers PA / DA statistics, but other statistics. For this reason, we use SB Rank because it gives us more reasonable information a website. Here’s more information about SB Rank and its benefits.

Google likes diversity, so you need to make sure that you only use links with top SB Rank, but also left with low SB Rank. Make sure your backlinks come from pages with different ranks. Such a Google strategy will prove you these backlinks naturally.

SB rank

If your current backlink profile does not meet these requirements, just add appropriate backlinks to make your website seem natural to Google.

It is important to note that your backlinks must come from relevant pages. There is no sense in buying expensive backlinks as they are not relevant to your niche. Google does not like it. Our SEO Expert tool selects the most relevant backlinks for you. In addition, contact us if you want to get manually selected backlinks.

  1. 50% of backlinks should reflect the internal pages of your website.

Make sure that about 30-50% of backlinks link to the home page, 70-50% – to other pages of your website. This is especially true for heavy content sites. It is proven that sites with links pointing back all pages of their website, including the pages inside, have a higher ranking on Google than backlinks that refer only to their websites.

When about 70-50% of your backlinks point to your inside pages, it seems more natural to Google and can therefore result in better rankings. has about 80% of these links, – 70%, – about 70% of these links; As a result, Google has reviewed these web site courses and have strengthened their positions.

Our search revealed that sites with a high percentage of back links pointing to their websites and that very little backlinks percentage pointing to their subpages, were much worse rankings than their competitors with fewer backlinks but more profiles Natural backlink. To learn more SEO, you can download these free PDF SEO reports.

  1. Optimization page is a solution for a high ranking

current day Google has nothing to do with the old Google. There is no sense in believing that off-page optimization (i.e. Backlinks) is enough to find a solution to a problem on how to get to the top of Google. Without a sophisticated SEO strategy, even a thousand backlinks will make no difference to your ranking. You should have unique and relevant content on your site. Here is a quick checklist for page optimization.

Only relevant and targeted keywords. Once you have identified your keywords, you need to be sure that your content is better optimized for them. Then you need to include keywords in your website. But keep in mind the importance of every keyword placement. For example, some pages are much better page optimization. Here is a list of some of the key points for optimizing the selected keywords titles.

 Title tags are used to describe the content of a page given to search engines and users.

Meta descriptions are short texts in HTML of a web page with content description. It is good to specify keywords in the meta description.

Headers and content. Google improves the position of the SERP to your site if appropriate keywords in the content. Note the keywords in the title tags.

URLs. URL is one of the most important elements when choosing your site among many others.

Pictures titles and Alt Text. Both alt text and titles are attributes that can be added to an HTML image tag. Search engines consider the attributes for the page ranking.

Make at least 60 pages with unique content (each page should contain at least 500 words). The more content better. Very informative content that is useful for people, Google rankings improve. It is also essential to update the content as often as possible. Optimize your content for easy upgrade.

Avoid duplicate content or use a robots.txt file to exclude from indexing. It is a must! After the Penguin 4.0 update is a way for Google Top 10 closed to these sites. So pay attention to the quality of the content, because this factor is becoming more and more important. This duplicate content checking tool or CopyScape help you find and remove duplicate content.

If you are totally on increasing the Google ranking of your site, make sure that there is one essential thing to do – create a sitemap. A wide variety of sitemap generators provides quick and easy solutions that you can download from Google. To get the most out of your investment, start with the pages you bring a lot of traffic. Then, if you create more pages in the future, you need to optimize the best way you want. To get a better understanding of the smart optimization page, read this ultimate On page SEO.

  1. Avoid These Five Difficult SEO Mistakes

The main reason why many people take their link building campaigns because they do not get quick results. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The number of backlinks bought / built is not enough to be in the top 10 rankings on Google. Using our free SEO cost calculator can reveal the exact number of backlinks you need to get in the Top 10. In addition to knowing exactly what links you will need for a successful performance your website. If you want to scramble your competitors and spend money wisely, you Should know how many backlinks you need. Please find more information about your strengthening strategy.
  2. If you cancel your purchased links in the month following their placement, or a links deleted publisher within three months. This means that you simply rejected the money because Google does not keep left for less than three months.

seo mistake

  1. Perhaps you better optimize your profile backlinks with exact matching anchor text. Remember that too much of a good thing is good for nothing. So check your website for free SEO Cost Calculator to determine the sense of moderation.
  2. Consider your presence in social media. It is great when people can share information on your site. Thus, adding “Share” buttons would be useful to your website. Remember also that social media you count free links from reliable sources to give your website as well as increase traffic.
  3. As you know, Google is as smart as a fox. So if you started dancing the rankings after recent purchases or organic link building campaign, stay calm and continue building your link. This is a delicate Google algorithm (which is proven by their own copyright 82, 44,722). Our clients, SEO-Moz SEO experts and other sources, he also noted. Simply stick to your carefully planned link building strategy, and eventually the situation will resolve. We explain here why can lower your ranking of the site.

    Keep it up until the link building plan completion

One of the most common SEO errors for which people have left their link building campaign is that they will soon see no visual feedback. Keep in mind that SEO does not produce overnight. Protect yourself with patience and wait at least 3-6 months, better still 12 months to get positive results and recoup your investment.

never give up

Follow your reinforcement strategy until it is finished. And in a few months you can enjoy the fruits of your work.

Please note that the ranking of your website can be almost always up and down until you get the top 10 Google. Discover 11 most costly SEO errors 99% of people in order to avoid potential obstacles.

So keep the link building plan until you have reached the # 10 on Google and make sure to download this report 11 most expensive SEO mistakes. Is 99% of people make.

Finally, stay aware of your results and remember three things.

Instead of increasing traffic, you should expect the ranking to improve your link building campaign. Indeed, only the top three positions of Google get a lot of traffic. Check out this Google traffic stats distribution.The best option is to automatically track all changes in your site’s ranking in the first 100-200 results. There is no need to do this manually in the first 10-50 results. Find out why it happens.Follow your reinforcement strategy at the end. Be patient, and after a while you get promising results. Read the article on Top 101 SEO Mistakes that People Tend to Move Google Top 10.

These steps are easy to follow, are suitable for any website. So use them fully for better ranking and increased traffic! Remember to share your stories to get Google Top 10 in your comment below, or if you are struggling to reach the Top 10, ask your questions below and we will help you. We would be grateful if you would like and share this guide with your friends and colleagues! Thank you for your time and sharing




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