How to import Photos from iPhone to Windows 10

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A step-by-step guide to transferring photos and videos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC or laptop

Apple designs its products so they all work well together, but many iPhone owners have Windows PCs. So what is the best way to import photos and videos from your iPhone to Windows 10?

There are several methods, some easier than others, but all free. Here we guide you through the process.

We have written a separate guide to transfer images in the other direction: from Windows to iPhone.

iPhone Import Photos using Photos:

Windows 10 includes several new applications that you cannot find in older versions, such as photos. You can find it on the Start menu.

You can now launch photos, but it is better to connect your iPhone via the USB cable to your PC or laptop.

Check the screen of your phone and must ask for permission to give Windows access to photos and videos. Otherwise, it may ask you to “Trust this Computer” or “Do not trust” tapping.

windows 10

In both cases, you must give permission.

Now, in the photos in Windows 10, look for the Import button in the upper right corner.

widows 10

Click it and select the device from which the photos to import (as it is the only removable storage there is no other choice).

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Your phone searches for photos and videos from the camera and Roll other albums. This can take time if you have there for a few years.


When the scan is complete, the total number of photos and videos will be displayed with the option to continue. To import everything, click this button.

Alternatively, you can click “Delete” and then select one or more images (or months) to import. This option is a bit frustrating because you have to scroll through the photos to find the link for each month. Sometimes you need to manually select photos and videos (or un-select).


When you click the Continue button, the options appear to select the images to be saved (the default is the Pictures folder), and if you want to create a daily or monthly subfolders.

There is also a check that you can use to remove the selected photos and videos from your iPhone to free space.

Photos imports

Once you have made all your selections, click Import, and the images and videos are transferred to your PC or laptop.

Import iPhone Photos via the file Explorer:

Many people think that you cannot use iPhone as an Android phone to drag and drop. Well, in the case of photos and videos, you can.

Start File Explorer in Windows 10, or on the Start menu or by pressing the Windows key and “E” to compress.

Make sure your phone is connected via a USB cable and, as in the previous method, press Allow or trust when asked on your iPhone screen. Until you do this, it does not appear in the File Explorer.

windows 10

Click the Apple iPhone in the File Explorer, then display internal storage disk and finally the only DCIM folder.

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Now you are faced with one or more folders containing photos and videos you have taken on your phone, named 100APPLE, 101APPLE, 102APPLE as well.


It is much better than a few years ago, when Windows users saw what was considered a scramble of letters and numbers, without knowing who include the newest and oldest photos.

The newer system, which acts as a “correct” camera, shows a record more new images and videos.

To import everything, click the Home tab in File Explorer; select it all on the right. To avoid keyboard links, click Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C.

Then click Copy on the left in the “Ribbon” menu style, navigate to the folder where you want to store the images, and click Paste (or Ctrl-V).

If you want to transfer everything to not use the File Explorer commands to select the folder or just a few photos and videos to a folder and copy and paste them.

iPhone Photos


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