How to lock down Windows 10 Home Pro


Microsoft introduced this week a new version of Windows 10, primarily aimed at education users, and is designed as an alternative to Google Chrome OS.

The main difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Home / Pro is that only applications in the Windows Store. You can not install programs elsewhere, and this includes Chrome. The average user can install only the software verified Microsoft, according to the software giant, better security and superior performance accordingly. You need Windows 10 S not to buy or install to get this feature, but you can simply close an existing version of Windows 10.

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To do this, you must run Windows 10 or Pro Home – it does not matter.

To limit the applications of Windows 10 just to save, click Start, Settings Open and click Apps.

By default, you can install the software anywhere, but click “Install Apps” from the drop-down list below, and you can change this to “warn before applications from outside the store install” or “Allow only Store applications.

Windows 10 Home Pro
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Select it and you basically have a Windows 10-S system. You can change the default application settings here as well, but only store, and possibly remove all non-store applications.

If you want non-Store applications install in Windows 10 S, upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, which can cost $ 49.

With this method, you have to spend money, since you can easily convert the process of installing a program outside the store. Easy.


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