How to Make extra cash on Fiverr with via Freelancing

197 is a excellent to make money on fiverr for freelancers, especially selling services related to marketing. When you start a career in research and realize the project and build the portfolio, then Fiverr is the smart choice. It is different from the other platforms and the following freelancing-

  • You can work as a fixed price budget. This means no hourly rates, so you can anticipate your work accordingly. You must deliver your order that you specified when creating the concert. I’ll later Gig in that post.
  • If you are effective in several skills. Then you can sell specific Gig for each skill you are proficient. For example, you are not mastered in full Digital Marketing, but perfect in managing social media. So, you can sell your social media marketing skills. This helps to provide the best you master service.
  • You can promote your brackets on social media or placing the code on your site for the badge rating and stars earned. This increases the number of confidence for the next buyer for your services and helps to present them in your portfolio.

3 easy steps to create a Fiverr profile

  1. Go to and log in with your email
  2. Fill in basic information such as description, language, social and educational accounts. Choose the right skills to describe your professional and do not forget to add certificates.
  3. Your first concert and make money on Fiverr.

How to make money on Fiverr Gig and earn 5 Star Rating?

It is a win-win situation for achieving your first order, making money on Fiverr and winning the five-star rating on the concert. I will tell you how to make your first Fiverr Gig and earn a five star rating.

Log in to create your profile Steps above Fiverr. Click the Sales tab and select the second Gigs option. Now click on the “A New Gig” tab.

new gig

  • When you select the tab will land on the page, as shown in the figure below.

fiverr gigWrite a remarkable title and avoid writing: “I want” as a standard in execution. Select the category, sub-category, type of service and relevant search tags. This allows the buyer to find your action for hiring services.

  • Once the package information includes a description and adding the price.

  • After adding the price write the description of your concert and also add to the questions “FAQ” for the buyer to understand your work. This will help you know how to complete this project.


  • Fill out the requests in the form of questions you need to know the buyer to complete the project.

fiverr gig

  • Add the images or videos and highlight your skills to enter the order. You can also place the infographic to explain the work execution process.

fiverr gig

  • Now your concert is over, click the green “Publish” button and hope your first order. Keep patience to get your first order.


Work with complete dedication for your first order to use your know-how and complete the work on time.




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