How to Make “Flaming Homer” and Other Drinks from “The Simpsons” ( Cocktail )


Any one fan of The Simpsons remembers the time Homer accidentally came up with a delicious drink recipe, the “Flaming Homer,” only to have it stolen from him by Moe. Here is how to make those magical cocktail and other favorites from the series.

As the explained in video from the Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel, the “Flaming Homer” on the show is a weird mix of tequila, peppermint schnapps, cream de menthe, a few other random liquors, and, of course, its trademark ingredient: Cough grape syrup. As expected, this recipe has a disgusting taste, and, unfortunately, the concoction won’t even light aflame. We will never know if fire actually do well.

So, to make a more drinkable “Flaming Homer,” Cocktail Chemistry recommends use triple sec, gin, lime juice, and violet cream instead of grape cough syrup. Shake it up with ice, pour it into a cocktail glass, and use half the lime juiced from a boat. Lime floating above the cocktail, fill it with some Bacardi 151, light it up. Your modern “Flaming Homer” is ready to drink. Cocktail Chemistry also goes over how to make Skittlebräu both the real version and a modern take and another surprise drink you probably should not try, to be sure to stay tuned through the end.


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