How to Screenshot on Windows 10


On Windows, you might think that making screenshots is easy. There is a button above the keyboard almost all called the Print screen key (abbreviated PrtSc or PrtScn).

By pressing this key the whole screen (or multiple screens filled if you use more than one monitor) is and copy it to the clipboard. But to save the screenshot, you have to paste it into the paint, which you can then save the screenshot and edit and save it as an image.

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There are easier and faster ways to recover your screen in Windows. And no, it does not require these expensive applications. So you can do it – without the installation of a new program.

Edit keys

Windows 10 introduces a new shortcut. If you hold down the Windows key and press the Print screen key, a screenshot is saved as an image, so that you do not want to paste the image into Paint to save manually.

These screensavers are saved on the PC> Images> Screenshots.

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The problem is that you always need the entire screen – including a second monitor if you have one. If you just want to enter an open window without holding down the Alt key while you press the Print screen key. Displays the active window is captured, so make sure you click in the window you want to capture before pressing the key combination.

Unfortunately, this does not work with the Windows Edit key. By pressing Windows + Alt + Print Screen, you do nothing. So, if you use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Print Screen, you should always save in the paint and save the recording.


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