How to Set Up Skullcandy “Headphone”


How to Set Up Skullcandy “Headphone”

The Skullcandy headphones can be easily adjusted with a device, either via USB, Bluetooth or headset. Scroll down to learn how to connect your Skullcandy headphones to a computer.


Take your headphones and make sure it is charged. The headphones has a little juice for it to work, so make sure you have enough power on the headphones to test and use.


Connect Skullcandy wireless transmitter to your computer. Connect the mini USB / micro cable of the connection to your Skullcandy audio transmitter. Then, connect the USB 2.0 end to a free USB port of your computer.The transmitter should turn on, indicating that it is powered by the USB port.If it is off, press the transmitter button which, on some models, the Skullcandy logo.


Turn the headphones on: There should be a button on the side of the headphones like a wireless headphones. Turn it on by pressing the button.

The power light should be on, showing that the device is turned on.



Test your headphones: Launch an audio playback software on your computer and play a song.


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