How to Use Pokemon Bank

pokemon bank
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Pokemon Bank has been updated to allow players to use Pokemon Sun and the Moon. This means they can not only save thousands of Pokémon, but also move older games into their new game if they want.

You must be warned that Pokémon cannot transfer Pokebank versions Black, White, Black 2, White and 3DS from the original games, but Pokémon cannot be pulled back to these games once the transfer is complete. Omega Alpha Ruby Sapphire, X and Y cannot withdraw from the original Pokemon games, and only the seventh generation can do so. Once you transfer something to Sun and Moon, you cannot transfer it to another game, and you can only submit and withdraw.

You want to go to the Nintendo eShop for Pokebank and eventually download the Transporter Poke. While downloading the application is free, the service costs $ 4.99 per year. Once downloaded, you start the game that has Pokémon that you want to save the bank. Go to the nearest computer and transfer the creatures to box 1 – which is important because Poke Transporter will recognize the first box. You also want to remove items as they are sent to your bag, and when your bag is full it will be lost forever.

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Now Pokemon is in the first zone, turn and exit the game. You want to start the Transporter application that asks if you want to save the first case, you have to say yes to something transfer anything to the bank’s Transport Box. You can then close the application and transfer to Sun or Moon.

Save the game, but do not put it on the spot and finally uses the bank app. Make sure that the application has access to your copy of the game and this will lead to box 1 of the game on the lower screen with the Box Bank up. Select the bank box first, then press the left, and then displays the shipping box that has your Pokémon of the oldest games. You can tap everyone to start moving once or twice to change the cursor from red to green, that you can move whole groups.

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Feel free to move everyone to another box in your bank to guard or move down and place them in an empty space in your Sun or Moon file. To find a certain Pokémon in your bank, then press Y to restrict everything. Otherwise, just press X to save. You can now start your copy of the Sun and the Moon and use your new friends.



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