How to watch the 1st 4K live stream from space


Space Station

Space deserves the highest resolution available. Even if what you send is a table in the International Space Station. It is a work surface in the room, it deserves special attention. It is therefore important that Amazon Web Services and NASA collaborate deliver the first ever 4K video live stream from the International Space Station today, at 1:30 PM EDT (10:30 AM PDT).

The flow will take place within the framework of the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, as the media organizations of CES and technology providers. Once completed, it remains available for later viewing as a 4K image, which you can see on the NASA website. But the living element here is really an important ingredient, so tune in if you can. The program includes a live chat with NASA Dr Peggy Whitson, who just set a record for the most time in general, with more than 535 days to his credit, after the total 377 had been added before the station Space has gone to his current residence.

The complete planned mission of Dr. Whitson will return him to see the earth more than 650 days in space during his career, which is more time than most people probably beyond the general vicinity of where they grew up, pass .

Again, look here to see this important event in streaming media history. Hopefully we finally get one so hopefully live 4K 24/7 from Earth from space


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