Instagram “selfie” study finds Australians favour left side




It is time to face the facts; Australians favor their left side when it comes to taking the perfect selfie.

A 2000 study revealed Instagram selfies men and women prefer to snap their left side.

Experimental Neuropsychologist at La Trobe University Dr. Annukka Lindell said that more than 40 percent of participants show repeatedly posted pictures on their left.

“Thirty percent in favor of their right cheek and nearly 20 percent prefer the face shot,” she said.

“The right side of the brain controls the left side of the face, which means that most people will be more emotional on their left, such as a wider smile or a deeper frown.”

Dr. Lindell said that research also revealed to eliminate young women for all six selfies they download.

“On the average, young women throw six selfies to all those who download them, so there must be something very special about the left cheek.”

Dr. Lindell narrowed to examine his quest for self-portraits of 100 women and 100 men.

“This prejudice of the left cheek has historical ties,” said Dr. Lindell.

“Previous research shows subjects of famous photographic and painted portraits, such as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, are more likely to face the artist showing their left.

“It’s interesting that today with the immediacy and possibilities that photographic technology allows us that we still naturally attracted to our left.”

But what makes the left more attractive?

Dr. Lindell said the left cheek was emotionally more expressive when it was controlled by the right side of the brain’s dominant emotion.

“The theory is that the left cheek poses intuitively be considered more emotionally open and expressive than the poses of the right cheek,” she says.



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