iPhone 8 Features and Design Leaks at Apple’s Anniversary


Beginning  of the New Year, many Apple fans most was probably the most anticipated event of the decade in their all agenda: in 2017, the iPhone celebrates its tenth anniversary. Yep, it’s true! The first iPhone was launched ten years ago, in 2007, and has the history of smartphone since. And Apple is bound to celebrate this important step in a certain way, with great hope that this will launch in the form of a new smartphone, we hope the iPhone 8.

With all the iPhone models since the iPhone 5 will be announced at a special event on either a Tuesday or Wednesday in the first week of September, has taken a lot of speculating that this year will be the case. However, the iPhone 6s broke this model, but still continues the pattern. Here’s what to expect from the iPhone 8 if indeed falls in September.

Brand new design

While Apple is known for sticking to proven designs, they are also known to experiment every now and then. This is proved by the iPhone 7 lack of headphone jack, among others. And with its tenth anniversary of such an important landmark event, Apple are linked with a new design, more daring to experiment with more footprints of their customers.

Color Themes

With all the launch from the iPhone 5s to introduce the introduction of new and bold color themes, such as Gold, Pink Gold and Jet Black, the new iPhone 8 Jubilee is bound to get some fresh color scheme reimagined Reflecting the importance of this launch in the company’s history. And the red that will soon be available for iPhone 7 and 7. Plus, it will be interesting to see what the iPhone 8 in store for us.


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