Just 3 tips for your luscious and pink lips


So, the last time you see your lips turn black and lose their luster and luster. Although you can take healthy foods, go for regular exercises and storage on expensive lip balms, but none of this helps. So how about going to the way home remedy. So here are some simple and easy home remedies that will help you bring back the moisture and pinkness of your lips.

Normal weekly scrub

Use natural scrubber of the lips once a week to remove from your skin and bring the dead to CELSS suppleness. An easy way to do this is to mix a few drops of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sugar and use it to exfoliate your lips. Once you rinse, heal apply the lip butter or your favorite lip moisturizer.




Lemon is used to treat skin patches and dark spots as its whitening properties will make your skin lip darker naturally lighter. Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice to go over your lips before bed. Follow these simple remedies daily for several months. If not, you should take a thin slice of lemon, sprinkle a little sugar on top and rub it on your lips. It exfoliate the dead skin cells and make room for fresh fresh skin.





Another ingredient that can help beet roses lips. Natural properties have been found to be able to make the dark lips lighter. Apply fresh beetroot juice to go to your lips before bed. Wash the next morning. The natural red color will transform the juice as you have dark pink lips. Do this every day before bedtime. Another method is to mix equal amounts of beetroot juice and carrot juice. Apply it to the lips and massage gently for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Do this once a day for a week or two.


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