Just need 10K views to start making money from Youtube videos in 2017


YouTube is now strongly repressing extremist and pirate videos to post on the streaming portal. To do this, they implement a new move that will reduce the income of those video has made casual programs.

Google + Youtube

YouTube said they will start placing ads only on videos that have crossed the border seen over 10,000 times.

YouTube will start blocking ads on videos that receive a low rate of interest – less than 10,000 views. This step comes after the major brands began to pull their advertising activities from YouTube after Fearing would indirectly finance terrorism and illegal activities on the video platform. This decision came after Google failed to make videos that were featured on their police streaming service platform, reported The Telegraph, UK.

The management of British, Tesco, Bank of Royal Scotland, and McDonald’s are among those who refused to show ads on Google +YouTube after they found their ads appear on extremist videos. Google was forced to apologize publicly after March after companies withdrew their ads.

New YouTube policy should not affect those who give will determine will earn a living from YouTubing, but the Ministry has declared the new Google threshold sufficient information to assess the validity of these channels.

Google has also taken the lead to the police to carry out their websites by adding fact checking based on the search engine. This new feature can help prevent the spread of false news and Google will also monitor the implementation of a “real”, “rather fake” and “pants on fire” assessments identify these news, with the help of organizations Facts like Snopes and Politifact. The fact does not control Google and will be presented to people so they can make more informed decisions.

Google also said earlier that they will be more staff to do manual checks manually then wait for people to report them. The decision was welcomed by IBSA, a trade association that represents advertisers in the UK.


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