MacBook Pro Version Graphic Comes with Fixes and Upgrading


Earlier this week, announced the giant Apple technology that they are working on new Mac products we can expect this year. At the same time, senior executives of the company have made some additional comments in order to reassuring fans that they do not close the Mac line. However, we have seen a gem in these remarks, indicating that the company allows users to upgrade their earned graphics under powered MacBook. So, Mac enthusiasts, beware!

Is it genuine?

From what we can see, is very real! Matthew Panzarino, a representative of TechCrunch, Apple asked Craig Federighi has Apple’s philosophy in external graphics processors. His answer was very surprising, because he said he thinks there is a place for them too. And with such a simple answer, the problem has been solved.

Since the release of the MacBook Pro model in the fall of 2016, the unit much more critical because tis poor performance RAM and lower quality graphics card have received. However, although many users have discovered early enough that they can rely on improving external GPUs for the performance of the Apple product.

The benefits are obvious: people can update the GPU over time and have better graphics performance without worrying about their battery consumption. Despite this, there was also a disadvantage: one had to pay extra for a case of the GPU, and the GPU. In addition, the system works only in desktop mode because you can not let the external GPU take over.

Overall, this is good news that Apple does not want to block their users using external GPUs. Of course, make sure you know what you do before!


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