Make your garden smarter with Google Gnome


Google launched a new product called Google Gnome. This is a smart product for smart people, to announce Google that the arrival of Google means Gnome, “Smart yard is finally there. Given how useful Google Gnome might turn out to be, you’d be crazy not to purchase it.

Google is a smart home appliance that does just about everything. He can send to other intelligent devices, play music, answer questions, and sit in silence listening to you talk about crappy days you had at work. But what happens when you head to your garden to enjoy the sun? Google Gnome takes, that’s what …

Home Google Cosplays as a Gnome

Google Gnome is the latest smart home device from Google, and it is essentially Google home cosplaying as leprechaun. Although Google Home handles all things inside, Google treats outdoor shiz Gnome. This means checking the weather, telling you what not to eat plants, and remembering the fragility of life (see video below).

Google Gnome

If philosophical debates are not your thing, do not worry, as Google Gnome can do many other things. Google gives examples include playing with the dog searching, mowing the lawn while your feet and telling you when to stop and smell the roses.

If you have money and tilt, you can even buy accessories for your Google Gnome. These include rain gear, a bird bath accessory, a camp chair, and a smaller Google Gnome in case the original is alone. Because everyone needs a friend.



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