Malala Yousafzai made an Honorary Canadian citizenship

Malala Yousafzai
From WE Day stage to world stage, WE ambassadors Malala Yousafzai and Hannah Alper sat down today to talk about their blogger roots, girl power, and all things Canada

Today, after accepting her honorary Canadian citizenship in Ottawa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and education activist, Malala Yousafzai sat down with blogger and youth activist WE Ambassador Hannah Alper for an exclusive interview. In one of the first Malala interviews as a Canadian citizen, the two young activists discussed Canada, their debut as bloggers, empowering youth, and ultimately how to change the world.

Hannah and Malala, who from afar by WE met together, met in person for the first time today after Hannah was personally invited by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Malala to the festive activities held throughout the day.

Testimonials from Malala

“I will always remember as a very incredible time in my life, and the thing I was pushing for today was investing in education, and I think if Canada leads that, then the world will follow in Canada’s footsteps. The world will learn from Canada and I believe that investing in girls’ education is the best way we can solve many of the problems we face. ”

“… I think people often say that young people [are] the future and that of their education and well-being touches us all. But I think that the youth is looking at the future is on one side, but also accept like today. If young people have the right to education, because young people do not receive the services of good health … If they do not have equal opportunities … it means that every touch and every one of us , So I would say that young people, they are often called future leaders, but in my opinion they are the current leaders as well and needs to move forward and believe in themselves … ” Sic).

“Your voice is the most important. If you vote, then nothing can stop you. If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop. ”

“… To move forward you have to believe in yourself … You have to be your biggest supporter and your best friend. If you do not believe in yourself, you can not go ahead … I always considered myself an adult from the beginning and it was because my father believed in me and he spoke to me Listened attentively and I think that parents and community can play a big part in this – they listen to you, they give importance to your voice and you begin to realize that yes, you really count voice, even if you are young, It does not matter “.

“I truly hope that all Canadian siblings will come together and participate in the mission of education for all children. If your children, you would not want your children to be in school, even if that for a week or a month to … robbed so there are many children in the world, more than 130 million girls Who can not go to school, and if we do not speak for them, they will lose a generation. They are never that opportunity … And this is something we should consider as an emergency. It should not be ignored. This is a moment we are now speaking for. We tell our leaders, we tell our local politicians we want you to focus on education especially in our foreign policy, it should be one of our top priorities. ” (SiC).

Malala, Hannah and WE

Both Malala and Hannah shared their inspiring personal messages of empowerment to thousands of young change leaders at WE day, an international series inspiring stage-sized events. Malala spoke at the first WE Day in the UK in March 2014 where she has a strong message to thousands of students in London about the importance of living life with love and goodness and life as a community United. Hannah has joined over 27 WE events of the day in Canada and the United States, which makes accommodation and motivate young people with inspiring speeches on the importance of environmental issues and how everyday actions , No matter the size can lead to a big change. Those who are on the podium of the WE Day for the first time in 2013, Hannah shared the history of Malala with thousands of young attendees WE Day of Minnesota.

Malala and Hannah have both also traveled to Kenya to the International Development Charity we are experiencing. For his first trip to Africa, Kenya Malala traveled with me to WE, WE social enterprise in 2010. co-founder Craig Kielburger, where they visited and talked to girls in rural communities their passion for teaching. While in the Maasai Mara region in Kenya, Malala contributed to the construction of Kisaruni’s All-girls school Oleleshwa Secondary School, which opened in January 2014 and now offers empowerment program, girls’ equipment Of the entire region with Excel skills and capabilities.

Hannah, most recently, started a WE WE trip in December 2016. Kenya during the trip Hannah and her family experienced special WE stage – to celebrate the first group of graduates of Oleleshwa Campus WE of Kisaruni All-girls secondary school, as well That the opening of We the first boy of the school, Ngulot All Boys secondary school, Hannah helped to build during his previous trip to Kenya in June here in 2016.

The WE

WE is an organization that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. A unique family of organizations is that we compose WE Charity, bring about change through a lasting impact and Me to We, a social enterprise that socially conscious products and experiences that enable people to do good by Their daily choices. The celebration that change occurs at WE Day – inspiring events that change the average life of the stadium occur worldwide.

WE ARE Canada is a national campaign marking Canada 150 Canadians to inspire them to take action to build a more supportive and compassionate future nation. The national program will allow Canadians to deepen their understanding of Canadian issues and to make a difference in their communities and across the country, enabling the nation to build the next 150 years. Canadians can make a commitment to building a more supportive and compassionate Canada by taking the show We are Canada Pledge on


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