Meet Jelly Mini smartphone with Android 7.0

Jelly smartphone
jelly the smallest smartphone android phone

Currently looking at kickstarter a mini smartphone with Android 7.0 nougat for supporters. The device is supposed to come as Jelly or Jelly Pro to the customer.

The probably smallest smartphone with Android 7.0 Nougat is looking for supporters on the Crowdfunding platform kickstarter. Who the 60-gram Jelly smartphone support wants to can make this even for a while and must for starting invest 80 US dollars.

android 7.0

For that he gets then a dual sim phone with 4G support, which has installed a 2.45 inch display (240 x 432 pixels). On board are a 1.1GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory (or 2GB of RAM, 16GB of memory for the Jelly Pro), microSD slot, two cameras, a gyroscope, Bluetooth 4.0 , GPS and a 950 mAh strong battery.

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android 7.0


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