North Korea’s state media warns of a nuclear attack if they provoked as US warships approach


North Korea Nuclear

The North Korean state media warned Tuesday against a nuclear attack on the United States at any signal of a preemptive strike by the United States as a US naval strike led by a nuclear-powered aircraft for the Pacific Western area.

Stress is heavily intensified in the Korean Peninsula by speaking of US military action gaining ground after the strikes against Syria last week and amid the reclusive concerns of the North can conduct a sixth nuclear test soon.

The official newspaper Rodong Sinmun North Korea said the country was ready to respond to any US aggression.

“Our revolutionary strong army strongly observes each movement by hostile elements in our nuclear view by targeting the invasionary bases of the United States, not only in South Korea and the Pacific operating room, but also in the mainland states United States, “he said.

South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn warned against “a greater” provocations in North Korea and ordered the military to step up surveillance and ensure close communication with the United States.

“It is possible that the North can no longer bear its provocations, as a nuclear test timed with several anniversaries, including the Supreme People’s Assembly,” said Hwang, interim leader has been abducted since former President Geun-hye Park In the midst of a corruption scandal.The North convened a meeting of the Supreme People’s Assembly on Tuesday one of its sessions every two years where important events are announced and the objectives of the national policy are officially approved.

But South Korean officials have tried to talk about suppressing social media from an imminent security crisis or war outbreak.

“We like to ask for precaution so as not to be blinded by the exaggerated assessment of the security situation on the Korean peninsula,” said spokesman Moon’s Ministry of Defense Sang-Kyun.

Saturday is the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, founder of the country and grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong-un.

A military parade is planned in the capital of North Pyongyang to mark the day. North Korea often marks important anniversaries testing its nuclear capacity or missiles in violation of U.N. Security resolutions.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent a message of congratulations on the occasion, chastising “great powers” for their “expansionist” policy.

“The two friendly countries are celebrating this anniversary and at the same time waging a war against wild ambition great powers to all countries to submit their expansionist and dominationist policies and deprive them of their right to self-determination,” Russian news Tass quoting the message as saying.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the North, carried by its news agency KCNA in a statement, said the approach of the US Navy strike group showed America’s “reckless moves for invasion had reached a serious stage . ”

“We never ask for peace, but we will take the toughest opposition against the provocateurs to defend us by the powerful force of arms and to keep our chosen path,” said an unidentified ministry spokesman.

North Korea and technically still rich, from the democratic South to the war since their conflict ended in 1950-1953 a truce, not a peace treaty. The North regularly threatens South and its main ally, to destroy the United States.

Sanctions warning

Delegates from all regions of the North arriving in Pyongyang prior to the meeting. They visited the statues of the former chiefs of Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il, the official media.

North Korea is emerging as one of the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the United State President Donald Trump’s administration. He carried out 5 nuclear tests, 2 of them last year, and is working on nuclear missiles that could tip to reach the developing United States.

The Trump Administration reviews its policy on North Korea and said all options are on the table, including military attacks, but US officials have said it appears to be a non-military action at the top of the If necessary, action would be taken.

US Navy carrier group Carl Vinson was derived by calling the planned port in Australia and would move to the Western Pacific near the Korean Peninsula as a demonstration of strength, an American official told Reuters on weekends.

US officials said it would strike a group more than a week to arrive near the Korean Peninsula.

US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, met in Florida State last week and Donald Trump pressed Xi to do more to curb North Korea’s nuclear program.

China agree with South Korea Monday to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea if it tests carried out nuclear or long-range missiles, a senior official said in Seoul.

On Tuesday, a North Korean freight fleet on the way back to Nampo port, the majority of the full charge after China’s trading companies ordered to return from the isolated state to fight coal sources back Coal traffic direct knowledge said.

The order was given on April 7, as US and Chinese leaders were set for the summit, where the two agreed that North Korean nuclear progress had reached “very serious stage,” said the Secretary of State American Rex Tillerson.

After testing repeated missiles that drew international criticism, China banned all imports of North Korean coal on 26 February, cutting the country’s main export product.

As the anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-Sung, there are several other North Korean birthdays in April that test possibilities would be weapons, said South Korean officials.

The North is considered ready for its sixth nuclear test at any time, with movements detected by satellites punggye-ri nuclear testing site.


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