Pokemon Go big update to bring team changes

Pokeman Go big updates

According to the top  latest news, it seems that the Pokemon Go get a great update will be somewhere in the near future, which will change the way the teams work in this game.

As you know, Pokemon Go players have been “forced” to choose between one of three factions in the early stages. Unfortunately, it seems that the impact of this decision many fans of the game has disappointed. In other words, the only role of different factions in Pokémon Go Gym on which you want to fight.

However, it seems that this is likely to change as soon as a major new release is released. According to reports, Niantic is currently working on a major update Pokemon Go, which will radically change the role teams. Apart from this, developers will also bring a number of new gameplay features, which will certainly please the fans.

One of the changes that will occur new Pokémon Go update with the way the map looks, with a painted area in the color of the team that animates the nearby gym. You will also see parts of Gymnasium links over distances, which is certainly a good addition to the game will be. At the same time, rumors say that developers are working on a “Team Missions” feature, which many players will definitely return to this game.

To make things even better, chances are that developers will actually release the first legendary Pokémon, but Niantic has not confirmed anything about it. Pokemon Go will most likely be released a little later this year, and it can also lead to a new type of special event that will have a teamwork theme.

We remind you that the growing company has more than 70 people in all departments, which aim to launch Gen 2 Pocket Monsters and providing more multiplayer features of this game.

The event “Water Festival” that just ended clearly showed that the players are always interested in the game as it comes with new challenges. Thus, this major update will surely bring back some of the hype of the moment that launched the Pokemon Go.


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