Pokemon Go Shiny Update Available to Play


Niantic, the developer Pokemon Go seems to worry gradually all the features the fans asked for, the evidence in this sense is the addition of the Shiny Pokemon. Specifically, players can now catch the shining Gyarados and Magikarp, even if there are to find a few meager chances for them.

What are the chances of finding them?

If this is still one of the Pokemon games, this means that the rate for a brilliant take creature is from 1 to 4096 encounters. As such, you should do some serious research if you want to find one. This is indeed an intelligent initiative on behalf of Niantic, because in this way they can benefit and offer more commercial and other events.

What’s up with trading?

Trading didn’t appear yet in Pokemon Go, Niantic but did refer to this in their previous statements. As it seems, this will only work locally and will not take online. While this kind of thing limits the time you need to complete your Pokédex, as it is still difficult to Pokemons that are specific to finding a particular region, for example, it is always to catch a good opportunity for them. Overall, it is a very interesting feature if you like gym battles and PvP mode, which is yet to come.

However, with brilliant Pokemons are harder to find, trade will be much more important. If you really want to catch them all, then you may want to consider a rare Pokémon, taking into account the fact that you could evolve again.

If each Pokemon will receive a match, it means that the Pokémon number you must find double. Nevertheless, this means that PVP battles are so interesting from now on.


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