PokémonGO update came with more bugs than fixes

PokémonGO update came with more bugs than fixes

PokemonGo is not as popular once it has been released but it seems that the developers have all messed up their game even more with the latest update released a few days ago.

We remind you that last week the company added the Festival Water Festival and a few days later the brilliant Pokémon put in play. It seems that this update carried out with a number of bugs as players Have never seen before is rolled.

The good news is that these insects are not as large, which means that the game still works without major problems. However, the bugs are still very boring for everyone who plays this game.

Below, we list some of the bugs that have been reported to players will list:

  • The nearby tab will go somewhere empty, as you go about the speed of the game;
  • A number of standard operations will be longer than normal (like Pokémon spawns slow loading to the map, PokeStop discs as eternal photos and Pokémon takes longer to recharge after typing);
  • The game hangs at random when you try to move quickly through a gym;
  • Low battery warning Pokemon Go Plus is messed up and it will cause connection problems.
  • There are some workarounds for some of these bugs. Thus, you can open and close the Logbook Tab Recharge “close” or replace the battery when the Pokémon Go Plus to solve connection problems. Plus, you can always go back to the previous version of Pokémon go to Niantic will solve these problems.
  • If you return to the previous version of the game you will still be able to participate in the Water Festival and still catch the sparkling Magikarps, but you will notice that adding the minor user interface that these updates do Will not be available.


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