Samsung’s biggest challenge now is Google software, not Apple hardware

Samsung Galaxy S8

It is fixing a professional risk among the gadget geeks on the new hardware, and yesterday the launch of the superb Galaxy Samsung S8 makes it easier than ever. I could write for days on how nice and enjoyable the new handset. But I also noticed that the history of traditional competition my smartphone compared to your smart phone begins to disappear of importance. Samsung can still measure its mobile businesses by the standard iPhone, but bigger challenges nowadays come from the suite of connected services from Google. Yes, even Google, whose Android shoulders the Galaxy S8 state of Samsung.

To appreciate the importance of the software today, ask yourself what was more disturbing: Alexa’s virtual assistant from Amazon or the Echo speaker was the first home? Is the Social Sharing Snapchat or Camera Spectacles – Trying to Copy Facebook to Death? And, as beautiful as the Nintendo switch hardware can be, is not beautiful Zelda: Breath of the Wild (and the promise of bigger Nintendo games), which attracts the most new customers? The material is the basis of all these experiences, but it is the software that occur the biggest changes and revolutions. The software and services that will allow the thing that maintains Samsung will soon all design and drain hardware optimizations.

Samsung back look

As far as fighting equipment and specifications go, Samsung is a graying veteran. It has survived HTC, LG has surpassed, and easily surpassed Sony sales. The Galaxy S is rightly considered at the same premium level as the iPhone, but the old idea that consumers make a free choice between the two is now retrograde. As well as the time their mobile phone contract expires – smartphones in mature markets, most people have taken root either in the iOS or the Android ecosystem, and that familiarity bears great influence in their decision Final purchase. The iPhone seventh record sales for part of the built-in demand of millions of iPhone 6 owners break away from two-year commitments and looking for an upgrade.

There is a lot of ecosystem and inertia brand in the mobile market for us to already know that Apple and Samsung will sell hundreds of millions of phones this year. And although cross-comparisons between their devices will be fun, most purchasing decisions ultimately rely on more practical considerations than the beauty of their differences in design pixels or camera quality. Life would be easier for Samsung than the iPhone did not exist, of course, but this challenge is familiar and has passed relatively stable for a few years now.

More interesting than the rivalry Apple is increasingly confronting Samsung with Google. In case yesterday, Samsung announced a list of new features to the ecosystem, each had to improve an existing Google alternative. Samsung Bixby is clearly a competitor to Google Assistant, executing the user’s voice commands to automate a number of basic tasks, and generally running the Alexa / Siri / Cortana role. Samsung Connect Homeis of smart router that looks like a Wi-Fi Google and works rather like a Google house: the goal is to unite and organize all the different Samsung devices and other connected gadgets you have scattered around your house. And yes, it will support Bixby commands too.

Samsung Pay as Android Pay only manufactured by Samsung. Multi-frame auto image in the camera of the Galaxy S8 is the same as the automatic HDR mode on Google Pixel. And VR speed updates go directly against the initiative of Google’s virtual reality Daydream, support for what has especially been missing Samsung S8 presentation. Even the Samsung desktop dock for the Galaxy DeX S8 runs along parallel lines to the gradual merger of Google’s Android and Chrome OS into a cross-platform operating system. Each turn, the Samsung software finds a Google alternative ready to transfer the road users of the mind and the loyalty of the road mark. It is difficult to build a sticky ecosystem in this way.

The latest, and probably most frustrating of Samsung’s competition with Google is the abundance of high-quality Google apps on the iPhone. Google’s goal for the maximum number of users for its services has helped improve Apple’s software ecosystem, the cost of its own Android hardware partners such as Samsung. It must grid, but that is the reality of the situation. And then, a more competitive environment only serves to improve the service that you and I finally have access to.

What is fascinating to me, from today with the Galaxy finally S8 official, Samsung is that the game may have a legitimate right of Apple has surpassed on hardware. The S8 will come the first smartphone on the market with the Snapdragon 835 chip and support for Bluetooth and Gigabit 5 speeds LTE. It has wireless charging, storage expansion, a beautiful, almost no-bezel screen, and a truly luxurious design. The competitive landscape change without a doubt in the fall, but currently holds Samsung’s hardware and design.

But Samsung could say the same about conquering Google software? I can not think of a situation where I would need to pay Samsung in advance on Android Pay, and I hope Google more emerging categories such as VR or complexes such as smart home organization. I am more willing to collect data from Google Orwellian than Samsung TVs and would tolerate its intrusive advertising. Bixby will speak English until a month after the release of the Galaxy S8 while Google Assistant is useful to prove itself a growing portfolio of devices already. Even Google Pixel does its justifies the high-level price to wizardly camera algorithms Google and Android optimized performance.

When we go into the store, most of us are still likely to return to our original smartphone habits from the back comparison of devices based on design, look and feel, and promises of inflation data sheets. But as the smartphone evolves consumer software plays a more important role in the final purchase decision, and that is where the biggest challenges of Samsung. Samsung’s hardware before Apple jumped, but it never has the software needed to outperform Google?


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