What to see the “secret” ship rocket icon on Facebook?

What is Facebook Rocket ship icon?

Facebook News feed algorithm is constantly changing and now serve the social network has begun to experiment with a fresh content rocket icon that they think interest users.

The rocket ship is actually a second Newsfeed tested on Facebook, with content based on your current preferences and interests, as well as popular posts with your friends, TechCrunch reports

It is temporarily deployed the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android users, but it has a lot of people confused about what actually means the tested output icon.

One user tweeted: “@facebook what the new rocket icon in the bottom drawer?!? ”

“What the devil is the rocket Facebook icon for? “Writes another.

Scot Thomas wrote: “I’m not normally stupid- technology, but I do not know what the” rocket “icon means at the bottom of Facebook on my phone. ”

Facebook said it was the second option Newsfeed in response to user demand for more ways to discover new content testing.

“We are testing a complementary feeding of popular items, videos and photos, customized for each person according to the content that would be interesting to them,” said a spokesperson.

“We have heard people who want an easy way to create new content that they are not yet connected to. ”

Facebook is currently algorithm works by content to users according to what they wanted and interact with in the past.


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