how to special effect in “Ghost in the Shell”

ghost in the shell 2017

Ghost in the Shell is eminently forgettable but often fantastic to watch.

The Japanese manga series comes to life with Scarlett Johansson as Major, a human hybrid fighting crime / cyborg, we see created above the film.

His body was accidentally destroyed, but the main brains and stored in an indestructible robot container. One sees her breathing, awakening consciousness, and to return to it is beautiful and disturbing: she lives, says scientist (Juliette Binoche), who together; He is a weapon, says Cutter (Peter Ferdinando), the villainous man of big villain Hanka Corp.

A year later, and the major’s task is to fight the bad guys. It is part of Section 9, a special cyber counter-terrorist group led by the Aramaki way (Takeshi Kitano).

There’s a super-flesh scene to take down the action started – what the hell is this thing Geisha / Robot / Spider! – and great shows in time to break the head and shoot the bad guys.

It turns out that someone is trying officials and scientists associated with Hanka Corp. They are infiltrating into the brain of these workers killed Hanka!

With his police partner Batou (Johan Philip Asbæk) Major tries to find the mysterious Fuze (Michael Pitt) and find out why he is seeking revenge on Hanka. We are pretty sure you figure that without too many problems, but what brings fighting, explosions, and solving the characters in a trillion small pieces. (If you saw Snow White and the hunter, then you know that the director, Rupert Sanders, is a dab hand to turn people and objects into bits and bites.)

Ghost in the Shell takes place in a new futuristic city port, a chaotic place of sound and bright colors – skyscrapers and massive holographic advertisements. The city has many dark, shabby corners, too, with all kinds of yakuza-looking desperados about to rush. It is all a kind of vaguely familiar, in a kind of Blade Runner-ish of way, but never forgotten.

Moving through the landscape is determined the appropriate major rubber; After all the flashy visual stuff on the screen starts to age, Johansson will always hold your attention.

Major as she meant the first of its kind to be – the perfect marriage between man and technology. Robot Johansson moves in a blurry way; The way she turns her head, for example, has a touch of the machine, and sometimes her physical movements seem intentional and not quite human.


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