Teacher suspended after sharing selfie “provocateur” on Facebook

The selfie which sparked the row

A high school teacher was suspended for a selfie display on the social media they were told was “provocative”, which was done.

Lydia Ferguson pictured after students from the Ousedale school in Newport Pagnell, were defending near Milton Keynes, she said heard accused of “sulphurous” by school employees.

The photo on Facebook shows the mother of three children sitting on the edge of a bed in a white dress.

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Students have now rushed to defend the teacher after receiving an eight-minute order and launched a petition called “Get Back Miss Ferguson.

Miss Ferguson said she did not think there was anything wrong with the picture. As revealed a small leg, “said one student.

Lydia Ferguson was suspended after posting the picture on Facebook (Photo: INS News)

Another added, “She is a brilliant teacher. It is aimed at students who issues such as bullying and other things helped.

“They do it so much to help us and we are so angry that they are suspended. ”

The petition had more than 250 signatures in just 24 hours of students making them – with a number of parents’ signatures.

The teacher also defended the comments, according to online mail, in response to comments on Facebook said they did not inappropriate.

She wrote: “Thanks for that, I do not think it is tempting or inappropriate.

“I always stuck to the line FB and Insta that if my grandfather, bless his heart, looked at one of my pictures in disgust, I did not put them. ”

Sue Ousedale Head Carbert said, “If we do not care about an employee, it would not be discussed with the students.

“We have learned about the rumors, but the claims that have no basis. “


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