Windows 10

How to fix windows 10 slow boot fix issues

  More time, PCs bogged down with too many applications, discoloration of hardware or digital general gunk in the system. There are many ways to...

How to Reset iPhone or iPad simple trick

If you sell your iPhone or iPad, or repair yourself, you remove your E-mails, Pictures, videos, notes, Passwords and other personal info. We explain...

Canonical pulls out of the mobile enterprise, cites require of interest in convergence

  Canonical pulls out of the mobile enterprise Canonical, responsible for popular distribution Ubuntu Linux, recently announced that the market withdrawal from mobile devices and will...

Whatsapp future updates will include digital bills function

Whatsapp digital billing system We can say clearly that the WhatsApp application is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in the world. There...

3 simple way to repair a flickering Light bulb

Flickering lights are a common problem. Fortunately facing this problem is simple. Here is a quick glance on how to fix the sparkling lights around...

Security researcher unravels iOS and serious Android Wi-Fi exploit

Security researcher Gal Beniamini - who works  Project on Zero-Google, in recent times discovered a serious vulnerability that uses WiFi chipsets in both iOS...

Canon hottest point and shoot helps you take solid selfies

Cannon Latest Camera Canon has been relatively quiet since launching the EOS M6 mirrorless in February, but the company is ready to launch another camera...

Windows 10 Creator Update – What to Do Before You Get This

The up-to-date version of the Creators Update is almost there and that's the reason we're going to talk about three main things you should...

Samsung Galaxy S8 wins A+ class as the most powerful Performing Smartphone display

Looking at the obvious mistake, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a devil of a smartphone with a fantastic display. At the time, expert smartphone...


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